Now Or Never

The Now or Never environmental challenge

Youth at a May 2019 ‘Fridays for Future’ gathering in Toronto, which saw hundreds of students walk out of school to protest climate change. (Jeffrey Vallis)

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Since the United Nations released a shocking climate change report in October, 2018, a lot of people have been moved to take action.

The report is truly life-or-death — it says we have only 12 years to make drastic changes to limit global warming or face devastating consequence like droughts, floods, extreme heat, and poverty, just to name a few.

Hearing news like that can be paralyzing. What can any one person do to slow the destruction of the earth in just 12 years?

Well, on this Now or Never you will meet people who are refusing to sit on the sidelines. They’re taking on corporations, changing their lifestyles and trying to convince their friends and families to join the fight for our environment.